Legal translations

MULLER WWL has unequalled expertise and experience in translating legal and corporate documents that require specialist, constantly-updated terminology.

Every day, we translate contracts, sales terms and conditions, company certifications and also Deeds of Incorporation, Decrees, powers of attorney and Company Articles. For sworn translations, we propose a complete “turn-key” service for the texts translated that includes:

  • Certified translations (Sworn certification: the translator swears that his/her translation is accurate and faithful to the source text)

We are the ideal partner for company legal and corporate affairs officeslaw firms and notaries and for single citizens who require professional translation of their documents. Our translators are not only native speakers but also professional experts in the corporate, legal and contract sector and:

  • have taken a degree in law in their country of origin
  • have at least 5 years’ experience of translating in the sector
  • constantly update their knowledge

With our consolidated teamwork skills and ability to guarantee overall consistency of the translation, we ensure fast translation of large volumes of text, coordinating several translators working on the same project, and fast delivery of a number of pages that could not be translated by a single professional translator.

Constant exchange of feedback with clients is an integral part of our method of work that makes it possible to cater to current requirements, to anticipate future needs and to propose a precise solution to each requirement.  Any doubts regarding interpretation (ambiguities) in the text are analysed and solved through cross-checking with the translators working on the same multi-language project.

We guarantee the strictest confidentiality of both documents and information.

Do you require legally valid translation of your documents? Don’t waste time with red tape!

We provide a complete service ranging from precise translation of legal and corporate documents, checking and preparation of documents up to and including Sworn certification, Notarisation or Consularisation.

Consularised translations

Consularisation of documents, i.e. legalisation at Consulates and Embassies, is necessary for deeds and documents issued by or intended for countries not party to the Hague Convention.

In this case, the sworn and legalised translation is deposited at the Consulate or Embassy of the related country where its accuracy is verified and the consular seal necessary for legalisation is applied.

Through our network of translators, we can carry out consularisation at foreign Consulates and Embassies in any city in Italy.

Do you need consularised translations?

We offer a complete service comprising translation, certification, legalisation and, if necessary, consularisation of your documents, thus eliminating time and resources dedicated to bureaucratic procedures and, even more important, guaranteeing a punctual, efficient and secure service.

Legalised translations

To be legally valid in certain foreign countries, documents issued by the Italian Authorities may be subject to legalisation or apostille (according to country of destination).

Legalisation is official certification of the legal capacity of those who have affixed their signatures on the documents and of the authenticity of the signature. The Public Prosecutor’s Office or Prefecture certify (legalise) that the signature applied to the document is amongst those entered in a specific register.

Once the authenticity of the signature of the Clerk of Court who signed the sworn translation of the document has been verified, the document is legalised or the apostille is applied according to country of destination.

Documents only in Italian can also be legalised if issued by a Notary Public or by the Chamber of Commerce as both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Prefecture are in possession of the list of registered signatures and can legalise the document.

With more than 50 years’ experience, we have acquired specific knowledge of legalisation procedures, legalised translations and legalisation of documents in Italian and guarantee a fast, efficient service.

Contact us if you require legalised translations or legalisation of Italian texts.

Our service comprises accurate translation, preparation of the documents for presentation to the Public Prosecutor’s Office or to the Prefecture and related formalities.

Sworn translations

A translation under oath or a sworn translation is prepared by an expert translator who personally certifies before a Court officer that it is a true translation of the original.

A sworn translation may be necessary for:

  • company documents (legal deeds, contracts, letters of appointment, corporate accounts, Chamber of Commerce business register searches, Deeds of Incorporation)
  • private documents (certificates, transcripts, diplomas) and, generally, in all those cases in which official certification of correspondence between the source text and that translated is required.

Sworn translation involves:

  1. Faithful translation of the text by a professional translator
  2. Presentation to the Court of the two texts (the original and the translation) bound in a folder and bearing the translator’s signature and seal.
  3. Signature, by the translator, before the Court Officer, of the oath that the text is a true translation of the original.
  4. Checking of conformity by the Court Officer
  5. Certification by the Court Registry

With more than 50 years’ sector-specific experience, we guarantee a fast, efficient service in the field of sworn translations.

Contact us for sworn translations of company documents or personal certificates. Our service includes accurate translation, preparation of the documents to be presented to the Court and compliance with the related formalities.