Financial translations

MULLER WWL has well-entrenched experience in translating financial and economic texts for large companies that also operate abroad and also for multinationals based in Italy.

Financial translations comprise financial, banking, insurance documents that require specific expertise and constantly-updated terminology.

We translate into 45 languages: accounting documents, Annual Reports and Accounts, Board Meeting minutes and, generally, all economic-financial and management documents involving specialised, constantly-evolving terminology.

These texts are extremely important corporate documents as they represent the main source of information regarding company operating and financial performance for shareholders, customers and suppliers.

The Annual Reports and Accounts of multinationals and of companies with operations abroad must be translated according to specific legal requirements and published in various languages.

Need to translate your Annual Report? (e.g. statutory accounts, consolidated financial statements and/or auditors’ reports)
Our expert financial and legal translators are specialised in translating financial-economic documents, have in-depth knowledge of the structures of international companies and up-to-date knowledge of the constantly evolving terminology used in this field.