During preparation of translated texts for digital or hard-copy publishing, anything may happen, especially if the text is written in a language that does not use the Latin alphabet!

A simple error in starting a new line, an upper-case letter where not required, a typing error… apart from undermining the professional appearance of the text, may modify its meaning: for this reason, we propose multi-stage proofreading by a native speaker, other than the person who translated the text, who rereads and correct this in subsequent stages at a certain distance in time.

On completion of these rereading stages, the text with the corrections is returned to the client who makes any modications on the paged proofs and gives the final imprimatur.

Final review and correction by the native speaker guarantees that the text is free of flaws and typographical errors.

Proofreading is highy recommended for all those wishing to communicate in a professional manner. If we have translated the text, the first proofreading of the typeset text is completely free of charge.