Editing of foreign language texts

Editing by a native speaker guarantees checking of grammatical and syntactic accuracy and use of the correct terminology and also compliance with current patterns of speech and language usage.

This involves a considerable effort on the part of the native-speaker editor who – without a source text in the other language – is required to interact directly with the author.

If, for professional purposes, you need to write in a foreign language of which you are not a native speaker, to obtain the best results, the text must be edited by an expert native speaker with expertise and experience in your specific sector.

The types of texts normally edited include:

  • scientific articles and research
  • contracts
  • legal texts
  • manual and tutorials
  • corporate presentations
  • essays

Do you need to publish or divulge a text you have written directly in a foreign language?

Make sure that your level of knowledge of the language does not affect understanding of the text; have it reread by our native-speaker translators!