MULLER WWL has selected professional native speakers in all the languages covered for audio and video production companies and for advertising agencies.

Voice-over is audio recording in a professional recording studio of the narration of a video or multimedia project.

Companies increasingly require their advertising agencies to develop the contents of new digital (video and audio) products for their Apps and websites.

We are able to enhance and distinguish your online and offline communication products, such as, for example:

  • Tutorials (for software, machinery, for sales force training)
  • Videos (cooperate presentations, commercials, interviews)
  • Apps and video-games



Do you need a professional speaker for your multi-media products?
Our mother-tongue speakers, fluent in the most and less widely-used languages, deliver a highly professional service.

We select voice-over talents able to address the audience with the correct “pronunciation” of the spoken language of the country, in an unaccented voice and with the correct intonation.

Professional voice-over talents who work with their voice, who are expressive, know how to use the right tone to highlight product characteristics, communicating with their voice the intentions of the author of the texts.

We propose voice-over services tailored to specific requirements for both technical (tutorials, instructions) or promotional (video/radio commercials) content.