Muller Worldwide Links – Linguaggi per l’uomo nel mondo

Quality built on professional expertise and experience

Since 1959, well before “Quality” certification became an important benchmark, MULLER WORLDWIDE LINKS has continued to demonstrate professional competence built on the specific, well-entrenched expertise and internal validation techniques that have always been a particular feature of its business, earning the company an excellent reputation and forefront position on the translationslanguage courses and interpreting market.

Quality built on professional expertise: MULLER WORLDWIDE LINKS pursues this goal through constant update of staff’s cultural and technical profiles and dedicating scrupulous attention to efficient organisation of its services.

With its broad, versatile scope, MULLER WORLDWIDE LINKS deals accurately and precisely with each specific project, also guaranteeing strict confidentiality.

Constant contact and feedback from clients, an integral part of its business model, makes it possible to cater to present and future requirements and to provide an effective solution to each specific need.

Translating many different languages, from and into Italian, involves dealing with different persons and different cultures, requires in-depth knowledge of the meanings of each language, interpreting its specific nuances and richness.

During its many years of activity, Muller WWL has cooperated with leading institutions and public authorities, multinationals, SMEs and renowned professional studios thus acquiring in-depth knowledge of the terminology of each specific sector and making interpersonal and intercompany communication its mission.