Language courses for beginners

MULLER WWL proposes basic language courses for those intending to study a new language.

We organise foundation courses for adult beginners approaching a new language for the first time.

We select the grammar books and exercises and immediately prepare the audio and digital material for listening to and learning the spoken language.

These courses are specifically tailored for workers or students about to transfer abroad and who are required, for the first time, to approach a foreign language.

With the Entry Exam and Needs Analysis questionnaire and interviews with the teacher, we carefully analyse each student’s profile in order to organise classes of the same level.
We plan learning of grammatical functions with effective learning strategies for use of the language.
Exercises and tests allow students to chart their progress in achieving their objectives.

Where and when?
At our offices in Turin (a short distance from Porta Nuova railway station) or at the company’s site.

Beginners’ language courses provide:

  • solid grammatical underpinnings
  • acquisition of vocabulary
  • listening skills
  • fluency

in order to start to communicate in the language in everyday contexts.

The methods and tools adopted in these courses are designed to provide participants with basic linguistic skills (surviving) up to completely independent communication.

FUNDED LANGUAGE COURSES for WORKERS can be organised according to active funding projects.