Whisper interpreting

Chuchotage or whisper interpreting, another specialised service furnished by MULLER WWL, is adopted in cases in which an interpreter dedicated to a foreign guest is necessary.

Sitting beside the guest, whisper interpreters translate what is being said, usually to one or at the most two persons, without the aid of technical equipment. This is a very complex activity as the interpreter has no possibility of isolating him/herself or the guest with earphones or microphone and must speak above the continuous flow of speech.

For chuchotage interpreting services, we furnish professional interpreters with specific training that requires particular sensitivity and attention to time management.

Our whisper interpreters guarantee the necessary promptness, adaptability, linguistic sensitivity and ability to express themselves clearly.

The professional profile of a chuchotage interpreter includes not only fluency in the source and target languages (essential) but also listening skills, comprehension, the ability to paraphrase information and also personal aptitudes.
We select interpreters who are experts in the various areas of specialisation (scientific, financial, medical, technical etc.) and also follow up their specific briefing prior to the service.

The simultaneous nature of this type of service leaves no room for error or hesitation. Therefore, two interpreters are required who take turns periodically to maintain the level of concentration necessary for this difficult mental exercise.

Through our network of translators/interpreters, we can furnish chuchotage interpreters for your companies in Italy and abroad.