Simultaneous interpreting

MULLER WWL also proposes professional, reliable simultaneous interpreting services in all 45 languages combinations.

Simultaneous interpreters are specifically trained and must be able to understand and translate what the speaker is saying simultaneously into the target language.

They must also know how to use the booths and specific equipment that allow the target-language listener to hear the interpretation in the language of his/her choice, guaranteeing that persons who speak different languages can follow what the speaker is saying.

The professional profile of a simultaneous interpreter includes not only fluency in the source and target languages (essential) but also:

  • listening skills
  • fast comprehension
  • clearness of expression
  • personal aptitudes

Our simultaneous interpreters guarantee speed, fast reaction and clearness of expression.

We select interpreters specifically qualified in the various sectors (scientific, financial, medical etc.) and follow up their specific briefing prior to the service.

Do you need simultaneous interpreters with the possibility of verifying their skills?

The simultaneous nature of this type of service, whether at a conference, convention or congress, does not permit any type of error.
If the audience is unable to follow what is being said, the success of your event may be compromised.

We carefully select the interpreters, verify their skills and knowledge, the sectors in which they are specialised, brief them in contents and sector terminology. Through our long-term professional experience, we are able to assess their personal characteristics in order to propose the right person in the right context.

For this type of service, two interpreters per booth are required who take turns periodically to maintain the level of concentration necessary for this difficult mental exercise.
Through our network of translators/interpreters, we can furnish multi-language simultaneous interpreters for your companies all over Italy and abroad.

You can rely on us to ensure the success of your event.