Liaison interpreting

MULLER WWL is able to provide professional liaison interpreters specifically specialised in various sectors.

Liaison or business interpreting is used for:

  • round tables
  • meetings of small groups
  • commercial negotiations

and, generally, in all situations in which translation can be provided by single interpreter who sits or stands beside the guest and translates consecutively from and into his/her language.

This type of service is particularly suited when dealing with specific commercial or technical contents that require precise, reliable interpretation.

In these cases, we provide professional native-speaker interpreters (preferably fluent in the language of the guest) with also excellent knowledge of the other language of the meeting.

We follow up prior preparation of the liaison interpreter who, following briefing by the client before the meeting, then examines and acquires the related technical documentation.

Do you need to organise a meeting with a foreign guest?
Our liaison interpreters will welcome and make your guest feel at ease, communicating in his/her mother tongue and also effectively contributing to the success of the meeting. Through our network of translators/interpreters, we can provide liaison interpreters at your companies all over Italy and abroad.