Professional expertise based on specific expertise

In the pre-translation analysis phase, to guarantee maximum quality, the subject matter and specific topics of the text are identified.

The language used is always specific to the context and subject addressed and the author’s intentions in the source language must be rendered faithfully and accurately in the target language.
We use only highly-qualified native-speaker translators specialised in the various sectors; the actual translation phase is always monitored by a dedicated team which also makes a final check on quality prior to delivery.

Reliability and quality are guaranteed by constant attention to update of terminology and subject matter and the use of forefront technology.

We dedicate specific personnel to technical, legal, financial, commercial, contractual, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, sociological, advertising, tourism, IT texts from and into all the various languages.

Translation expertise and efficient management guarantee fast turnaround times and the ability to cater to any urgent requirements.

We guarantee strict, unfailing confidentiality of information disclosed.

We can provide translations on any type of electronic media or using specific software required and/or furnished by the client.