MULLER WWL has been operating in Turin since 1959, providing language services including highly specialised translations, interpreting services, language courses from and into 45 languages.

Our services target in particular:

  • companies that maintain commercial relationships with abroad and those intending to enter international markets
  • clients  who need  specialised, reliable, certifed translations
  • clients who need interpreters to welcome foreign guests
  • clients who organise language courses for personnel training
  • private clients who require certifed translations of their documents.

We offer clients a broad, accurate and personalised assistance service

We provide a one-stop solution to clients’ communication problems, from translation to editing of texts in foreign languages, from interpreting to language courses.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by use of strictly native-speaker translators (fluent in the target language of the text) and specialised in the various sectors.

Coordinating several professional translators working on the same text and through our consolidate teamwork skills, we are able to manage large volumes of text, with fast turnaround times, also guaranteeing final consistency of the text.

Each translator translates only into his/her native language and is selected according to specific academic training and experience in a precise sector.